Arcane Drama: A Compilation of 924 Gilman Music, Volume 1 (2017)

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Arcane Drama: A Compilation of 924 Gilman Street Music, Volume 1 captures a snapshot in 2016 of the diverse group of bands that call 924 Gilman home. Founded in 1986, the all ages, volunteer-run community space and underground music venue at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California, (affectionately called, simply, "Gilman") has been the home and starting point for some of the largest national punk acts in the last 30 years. Today, the venue holds the title for being the longest running DIY music venue in the country. Even after three decades, the scene around Gilman is a hotbed for up and coming artists across many subgenres of alternative and punk music. This compilation has something for almost every alternative music fan: fast old-school hardcore, ska, indie-influenced punk, folkpunk, pop-punk and much more. This will be the first of several compilations to document the diverse and exciting underground music coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.

The record opens with two fast-paced hardcore-style songs: the serious and political "The Betrayal" from up and coming hardcore band PUBLIC SAFETY and the upbeat and fun "D" from scene veterans (and Queen punk baby) THE LOVE SONGS. From there, the record takes a melodic turn with songs from three different but equally talented acts: the introspective "Tides II" from SARCHASM, pop punk anthem "Binge" from DECENT CRIMINAL, and the folk punk musing of "Siren Sigh" from DANDELION MASSACRE. The end of Side A gives the listener an introduction to the thriving skareggae scene at 924 Gilman with teenage (we mean still in high school) SKANK BANK's steady instrumental "Real Rock Riddim" and the hip hop influenced "Smile" from the talented and eclectic CROWD 9. Side B of the compilation opens with the three heaviest-hitting bands of the group: legendary Bay Area mariachi-punk band LA PLEBE's beloved "Siempre Unidos." "Johnny Hit and Run Jenny" by THE PATHOGENS, a new band featuring the vocal talents of Jesse Luscious of BLATZ/THE CRIMINALS and Cinder Block of TILT; and "Box of Handkerchiefs" by Sacramento's DOG PARTY, who are fresh off their tour with GREEN DAY. The next two tracks go back into hardcore with the emotive blitz-speed "Coffin Nail" by street punk band HEARTLESS FOLK and the teenage angst (by four non-teenagers) of CRONANDER's "Trapped." The compilation finishes with two 924 Gilman mainstays. DEMI AND THE GODS, Gilman's teenage favorites, debut a new song (with an old punk sound) "Owe the Night." The grand finale is Gilman Ska Night headliner DAY LABOR, with their extremely dance-able track "Bandito."The roller coasterof sub-genres gives the listener the experience" of a 924 Gilman regular.

Track Listing
  • PUBLIC SAFETY - "The Betrayal"
  • SARCHASM - "Tides II"
  • SKANK BANK - "Real Rock Riddim"
  • CROWD 9 - "Smile"
  • LA PLEBE - "Siempre Unidos"
  • THE PATHOGENS - "Johnny Hit and Run Jenny"
  • DOG PARTY - "Box of Handkerchiefs"
  • HEARTLESS FOLK - "Coffin Nail"
  • CRONANDER - "Trapped"
  • DEMI AND THE GODS - "Owe the Night"
  • DAY LABOR - "Bandito"


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